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Environmental Policy Statement

Highfield Joinery and Building Services Ltd have implemented an Environmental Management System that draws on the intentions and principals of BS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and meets the requirements of our clients and our compliance obligations. This statement identifies the objectives, commitment and responsibilities of all the Company’s employees to control the environmental aspects and impacts created whilst executing their duties.


To ensure the implementation of this statement at all levels, the Company shall appoint personnel who will have responsibilities along with their other duties, for continuing development and maintenance of the our Environmental Management System.


The statement affirms the need for all employees to:


•Make every effort to conserve the use of materials and energy and, where viable, collect waste materials for recycling;

•Wherever viable, use materials and products from sustainable sources that are also re- usable or recyclable;

•Ensure that whilst work is in progress all reasonable precautions are taken to prevent environmental damage, disruption or nuisance created by their undertakings’;

•Ensure that all places of work, are kept clean and tidy;

•Avoid air, ground and water pollution from the creation of unnecessary noise, fumes, dust, poor chemical storage or the inappropriate disposal of unwanted waste materials;

•Report and investigate all instances of environmental breaches,

•Comply with the appropriate codes of practice, standards and best practices in order to allow the organisation to meet its legal obligations.


It will be the responsibility of the Managing Director to ensure that the Company’s Environmental obligations are communicated to all staff and contractors and that each individual is encouraged to input into our environmental arrangements such that they can contribute to minimising the organisations impact upon the environment.


We will review the risks and opportunities to our business and set objectives against which our performance can be measured to identify opportunities for continual improvement of the Environmental Management System and enhancing levels of our environmental performance.


This Policy Statement will be reviewed annually as part of the Management Review process, to ensure its continued relevance and adequacy.


It is part of the Company’s training programme to ensure that this Policy Statement is briefed, understood and implemented at all levels within the company.  This policy will be available to interested parties via the company website.


The Managing Director will undertake as a minimum, an annual review of this policy and any supporting procedures.